About Me

My Humber Experience

Hi, I’m from Brazil and I came to Humber to take the Information Technology Post Graduate program that will start on September 2017. But before I had to meet the English requirements that is grade 80% in the EAP Program.

I finished the EAP program in the end of February, so I decided to search a program that has to do with my professional background, to my Bacharel in Computer Science and to the Post Graduate Program, and that had a 6 months of duration, and then for my happiness I found the WEB DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT – WD011 program.

This program complements my post graduate program. The post graduate program is focused in database solutions and this program is more focused in front-end development, so I think that they matched and all together will expand my knowledge as well as my job opportunities when I come back to Brazil, or even to work here in Canada.

I’m here in Canada with my Family


I love dogs, here is my dog … Billy, a Beagle


and I love music, I play the drums.